Thinking about Sustainability

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As climate change, habitat destruction and human land use is increasingly detrimental to natural ecosystems, it has come down to the individual and industry to start making a conscious change. This change is towards a more resourceful and sustainable society and planet.

The building and landscaping industries are becoming more aware of this change and there is lots of talk about the ‘Green Building revolution.Green Building’ can be described as building and designing using materials and practices that have minimal impact on the natural environment. These designs also create a safe and chemical free environment that harbor a happy and healthy living environment.

Net Zero Building

This revolution towards sustainability has resulted in many sustainable building awards and certifications. These set industry-wide standards that green builders or architects aspire to reach. Some certifications and awards include the NZ Green Building Councils ‘Green Star’ and ‘Home Star’ Certifications, the LEED certification in the US, also the Internationally recognized Living Building Challenge.

Living Building Certified

These certifications address issues such as energy efficiency, conscious material use, incorporating the local communities and designing to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Recycled timber contributes to this ‘green building revolution’ because it is a very responsible material choice. In our case it has been salvaged or reclaimed from the retired railway lines. These hardwoods may have either been burnt or left to rot, but they are otherwise being reused all over the country. There is not one single use for railway sleepers, they can feature in your garden, above your fireplace, or they do make a wicked outdoor table.

Outdoor table

Interlink began 9 years ago and the ‘Green Building Revolution’ was just at the grassroots. It has now blossomed into a huge industry and will soon become the mainstream standard in building. A very clued up young graduate, Morgan Harris (A new scholar at Beca Corp), has written a thought provoking article on this. It addresses the small change in thinking in which can make all the difference.

At Interlink we believe in the reduce, reuse, recycle ideology and take pride in our commitment to recycling beautiful and durable hardwoods for nearly 10 years. As a supplier to landscapers, builders and hardware stores all over the country, we provide a more eco-conscious product for their projects.

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