Rustic Hardwood sleepers- 2.1m x A grade

  • Top and sides are generally square with rustic weathering. Four sides are well defined with wear.
  • Ideal for steps, vertical placement and prominent features.
  • Drift wood grey to light brown in color.
    Bundles of rustic 2.1m sleepers

    • Grade: A Grade
    • Color: Drift wood grey to light brown.
    • Treatment: No treatment, naturally durable, long life product.
    • Description: Top and sides are generally square but worn and rustic weathering. Splits and worn ends can be present.
    • About: An original hardwood sleeper.
    • Using product: Perfect for existing landscapes & designs and new builds that require a good quality rustic feel. Easily cut and modified for long term installations.
    • Interlinks comments / notes: Traditional rustic sleeper with A – grade qualities that can be well utilized in any setting.Natural hardwood wall in creek setting Christchurch.
    • Delivery & logistics: Bundle of 15 = 1T & .9 M3
    • Facts/ myth debunking: In 2012 New Zealand First MP Brendan Horan was calling for heads to roll at KiwiRail, despite the state-owned company saying it is responding responsibly to the discovery of a batch of rotting railway sleepers. Kiwirail Chief Executive Jim Quinn responded with a commission of independent DNA testing. “Test results just received by us on a consignment of sleepers contained at one of our workshops indicated that two of the fungus types are new to New Zealand. Testing confirmed that these pose no danger to humans and the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) is currently investigating whether the fungus poses any biosecurity risk.However, we are now taking extra steps as recommended by MPI to sanitize and contain the sleepers we are systematically removing from the network.” “Until we have resolved a disposal strategy with MPI we will be applying a household bleach solution to the sleepers as they are removed from the network and then keep them covered as we transport and store them.” “The results of the testing that found potentially unwanted fungus types only relate to the consignment of sleepers that are being held at our workshop. The initial testing we commissioned on sleepers on the network found they contained a fungus common to New Zealand.Despite this we are implementing a no-risk approach. Even if it turns out the sleepers we are removing don’t contain the unwanted fungus type, the extra measures we are taking are a responsible move.” Rustic fence with natural hardwod sleepers