Premium Used European Hardwood – A Grade Sleepers

Premium import quality – Ideal for high end installations where prominence and consistency is required.
Strong, tough and aesthetically pleasant.
  • Grade:  A Grade (Used)
  • Colour: Dark tan to dark brown.Bundle of 20 used railway sleepers
  • Treatment: Untreated. Combined with desnity of European hardwood makes these naturally durable.
  • Description: Four nice and straight square sides with rustic weathering. Noticeably bigger and solid. Smooth in faced texture. Weathered coloring. Bolt holes are present.
  • About: Fantastic consistency in dimesnions and aesthetic. Particularly strong and robust.

bed on top of used railway sleepers



  • Using product: Exceptionally reliable for larger installations or where many sleepers are placed together. Perfectly weighted to hold itself in position unfixed or for enduring – high spec installations.
  • Interlinks comments / notes: Truly an optimum peice of recycled lumber once designed to withstand the frequency of European heavy rail and now capable of similar structural capacity but with wonderful all round
    condition of surface and visual appearance.
  • Delivery & logistics: Bundle of 20 = 1.6T & 1.4M3
  • Facts/ myth debunking: Timber, lumbers & hardwoods will still be around for sometime despite the common assumption that many railway lines around the world are moving to composite or concrete railties. The operational & logistical movements from manufactures to the railway lines are often hard wearing on the goods being shipped, and hardwood, oppossed to galvanised steel faces embrace the knocks, bumps, and drops that heavy engineering inevitably produces. The on-going ability to easily machine the sleepers from years manufacturing is an obvious reason hardwood sleepers are still so popular, however the capability of re-milling and adjusting sleepers to suit on site is a huge benefit; often not an option with steel, rubber or plastic composites and other alternatives; the craft of railway building is still very much alive. Railway lines through Europe cover vasts masses of land and geography, hardwoods still being the preferred choice for those that are responsible for the hands on installation on-site. The inevitable cost saving on maintanence through the life cycle of hardwood sleepers is still uncomparable and despite all the advances in the global manufacturing process, big 2.6 meter sleeepers such as these are still high cost effective and ecologically sustainable to produce. Only fair us Kiwis get to completely utilise the best half of their life in landscapes and high end designs throughout the country.


Stacked bundles of railway sleepers 2.59m long

8 x European A-Grade sleepers