UK Oak Sleepers – 2.6M & 3.4M A Grade

Top and sides are square with rustic weathering. Four square sides are square but can have wane (outside log shape).

These are ideal for raised gardens, edgings, vertical designs and prominent feature areas.

Brown in colour.
A good tidy used rustic sleeper for its value at with the extra length of 3.4 meters.
Creosote treatment has been done on these we have been told, but visually not apparent.

[Limited 2.8 meter stock available x Auckland]


  • Grade: A Grade
  • Weight: 2.6m are  75- 80 KG each. 2.8m are 85 -90kg each. 3.4m are  95-100 KG each.Long 3.4 meter Hardwood Oak sleepers bundled together from the U.K
  • Dimensions: 2600mm, 2800mm & 3400mm x 250mm x 150mm
  • Colour: A dark Umber brown with darker shades mixed through
  • Treatment: Creosote treatment has been applied on these we have been told, but visually not apparent. Due to the colder conditions in Europe mean timber growth is slower and hence the wood is more dense and unable to be pentarted by preservation treatments as much as for example softwoods such a NZ  Pinus radiata.
  • Description: Top and sides are square . Four square sides are generally square, these are used railway sleepers so imperfections from years of use will be present. Rustic weathering provides a aesthetic softly-roughened like texture. Ex-rail rustic steel may be present. A great length at 2.6m to 3.4m offering extra value and utility. 
  • About: These sleepers are big and solid, makes for a prominent display of beautifully aged/weathered hardwood for any specification. The durable treated oak makes them robust and very durable, expect a lifetime of use from these.
  • Using product: Can be installed to a high standard to feature permanently and to hold its original features long term. Solid enough for almost any use, together or individually. Steps, entrances, quality retaining walls and prominent features where quality is wanted to be portrayed. Very popular for pergolas, outdoor entertainment areas, equestrian fences and jumps.
  • Interlinks comments / notes: Ideal for DIY and high quality architectural projects, both offering stuning results. A wonderful feature trim to compliment larger spaces to create a calm, soft and beautiful hardwood finish. The U.K Oak make for outstanding feature displays like frames, boarders and fitted together as beams. The over sized length of these sleepers comes from where rail tracks spilt (called turnouts) and hence wider sleepers and required. And only for a short distance, hence the 2.8m to 3.4m are hard to source and to equally maintain stock levels once arriving into NZ from Europe.


“Hi Matthew,

Just wanted to drop you a mail to say thank you so much. We received our sleepers on Thursday morning. The quality of the product is awesome and they have already received positive comments from the neighbours, can’t wait to get them in place  as the centre piece of our newly landscaped section. But mostly I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you showed us, prompt, helpful, going the extra step to get the sleepers to us. Really appreciate it!

Best regards
Gary, Whakatane June 2018 “   

      Recycled timber pergola post made of UK Oak


  • Delivery & logistics: Different bundle sizes exist , but these are heavy and big very big as far as sleepers go. Pickup should be a light commercial flat deck truck or larger  (minimum 1 ton / 1.1M3)

Facts/ myth debunking: Europe has an authentic appeal and its locally produced products have an air of quality. Railway sleepers may not be high end fashion, however the engineers and timber sawmillers do have strict standards and this is reflected in the longevity of the sleepers and the better quality that comes out of Europe. Likely due to the colder temperatures slow a trees growth and hence the timber growth rings are tighter , making a far more solid and dense timber that  last the test of time and are still well intact to grade as A to AA quality. Equally the Europeans do not fell vast areas of forests but selectively harvest their forest.. In fact Europe as more forests now than 100 years ago ” 100 years ago, timber was used for almost everything: as fuel wood, for metal production, furniture, house construction. Hence, at around 1900 there was hardly any forest areas left in Europe. Especially after World War II, many countries started massive afforestation programs which are still running today,” ( The Washington Pos.)

A little step towards helping sustain the timbers of Europe.