Rustic Hardwood sleepers- 2.1m x B grade

Top and sides are generally square but worn and rustic weathering.
Splits and worn ends can be present. Untreated and naturally durable that is great for vegetables, fruit trees and interior use.
Ideal for retaining walls and edgings.
Retaining wall with garden sleepers. Rustic natural hardwood


  • Grade: A & B Grade.
  • Weight: 70Kg each for 2.1m (2.4M=80Kg).
  • Dimensions: 2100mm x 200mm x 140mm.
  • Colour: Drift wood grey to light-reddish brown in color.
  • Treatment: No preservation treatments as these are Australian hardwood species sleepers imported into NZ in the 80’s.
  • Description:
    A – grades Top and sides are generally square but worn and rustic weathering. Splits and worn ends can be present.
    B – grades Top and sides are generally square but can show changes in dimensions and substantial rustic weathering. Splits and worn will be present However the rustic affect is fantastic.
  • About: The classic, authentic railway sleeper. Rich in character. Offering both weathered & rustic looks, yet a true blue hardwood, which is naturally durable , so no chemicals are present or required.Bundles of rustic and used hardwood sleepers.
  • Using product: Ready to use and will immediately look at home in a retaining wall or garden edging. Ideal for garden & vegetable beds. Easy and rewarding to work with. A grades work well as steps as the side profiles are still evident, B grades top surface is the best surface so ideal for edgings and retaining walls.
  • Interlinks comments / notes: The used hardwoods this thick are becoming more and more difficult to source, what is obtained goes out the door fairly fast. It is good that Australian hardwoods from decades ago imported into NZ are getting  a second lease of life in NZ gardens, as again their durability and rustic appeal is fantastic.
  • Delivery & logistics: Bundle of 16 = 1120 kg minimum tandem trailer size with adequate tow bar rating is advisable, commercial light to heavy truck is ideal.
  • Facts/ myth debunking: Not all sleepers are naturally durable, in fact most are creosote treated and certainly anything from the USA has chemical applications applied. Australian hardwoods are the only railway sleepers commercially manufactured that don’t require chemical preservation, du e to their natural durability.
    Dense, tight grained, hardwood railway sleepers, especially tropical timbers, are completely different to light, softwood railway sleepers which have to be treated with either creosote or pressure treatment to prevent them rotting and collapsing. Hardwood railway sleepers are much more durable and naturally longer lasting. African Azobe railway sleepers, for example, are often used untreated by British Waterways under water, due to their natural preservative qualities. Jarra, Karri, Mora, and Greenheart are likewise placed untreated on the railway track by Network Rail, and are expected to last for up to 100 years.

    Modernised concrete and composite plastic sleepers being used on Australian railway networks the hardwood sleepers are becoming more and more rare and difficult to secure. If we have them now, then plan ahead and get your project well thought out and secure your rare & unique hardwoods today.

The enjoyment and warmth that old timbers bring to a setting is quite unique…a resounding depth of stability and quality.



Untreated railway sleepers are popular with those wanting to keep clear of chemical treatments, or contamination, and wanting to use something that is naturally very long lasting.