Rustic Hardwood Beams

These beams are very highly sort after because of their uniqueness and high quality.


They have been given a second life after being a wharf for a few
decades. Perfect your timeless rustic landscape or construction design.



A complete stock list and photos can be forwarded on request 

pre-ordering & bulk deal discounts available.


  • Grade: Varies.
  • Weight:  Dimension dependent.
    • Example Dimensions:
    • Double Beams – 500mm x 380mm x 4.8M
    • Rectangular Beams – 210mm x 320mm x 6.0M to 8.0M
    • Square Beam – 260mm x 320mm x 5.2M
    • Square Beam – 310mm x 400mm x 5.0M
    • Other lengths available – 2.6M, 2.9M. 3.3M, 3.5M, 4.2M +
  • Colour: A lighter grey used rustic timber to darker shades mixed through.
  • Treatment: Totally naturally durable, no chemical preservation treatments required.
  • Description: Square or rectangular with minimal cracking if any at all, tidy and ideal for prominent feature use in a landscape setting or also for amazing structural or big feature pieces.See our insta-gallery page for some great examples.Recycled rustic wood
  • About: These are big Hardwood timbers made up of jarrah, ironbark and other royal Australian hardwood species brought into NZ 30 to 50 years ago. The big and impressive factor is what also hinders the supply ability as new timber is to cost effective to mill at these dimension any more, with laminated timber and steel ‘I’ beams etc taking their place.
    Further the old trees that can provide 400 x 400 dimension heart quality timber are either protected (hopefully) or non existent in the approved logging areas of Australia. Their lives as wharf structures, bridge bearers or railway structures are over but they are available in rustic form to offer a second life.
  • Using product: Very suitable for large & prominent features. Projects and designs can be easily revolved around a feature piece of this magnitude. As feature entrance pillars, exposed roof trusses, fireplace surrounds or any rustic design where quality and prominence is wanted.
  • Interlinks comments/ notes: A historical and timeless piece. Sure to impress. View pinterest  or a general internet search of ‘ rustic hardwood beams’ images . And wow some magnificent photographs and images exist, inspiring thoughts of grandeur and prestige old fashioned style.
  • Facts/ myth debunking: Untreated, ex-wharf or bridge timbers that are built to last and stand the test of time. Big timber beams are guaranteed to provide grandeur to any landscaped setting.

No beams of these sizes are manufactured any more in commercial quantities and to obtain square rustic timbers is already very rare. Even obtaining consistently the same dimensions is extremely difficult. Please understand used beams are not off the shelve supply. Architects and designers are best to contact Interlink Ltd first to see what beams are available. Talk to us early in your designs, allow time and usually using several different beams of differing dimensions . For example 300mm x 300mm width requests can be substituted for 340mm x 280mm widths, yet the big impressive style is still successfully achieved.