US Oak Sleepers – A Grade


Top and sides are square with rustic weathering and well defined sides.
Ideal for prominent feature areas and where sleepers are to be cut and modified for use on site.
Dark Brown in colour. An excellent tidy and classical used rustic sleeper.
Creosote treated (as per NZ sleepers).
  • Grade: A Grade
  • Colour: Deep, consistent solid brown
  • Treatment: Reasonably heavily Creosote treated.
  • Description: Top and sides are square, even weathered texture.. Well defined sides. Extremely durable and clean, beautiful soft & rich shades. Will blend in with any surroundings.
  • Using product: As the US Oak is semi hardwood density it is easily cut and modified on-site. Big dimensions to work with and solid and reliable.
  • Interlinks comments/ notes: A great size and wood to implement in any outdoor setting. Oak is a timeless hardwood that is rich in character, color and versatility. This is one of most popular sleeper due to the size and ability to cut and modify easily. From retaining walls in new subdivisions to post and rail fences in Queenstown to Wharf steps in Marsden point. See our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used.
  • Delivery & logistics: Bundle of 16= 1.28 tonne / 1.4m3, minimum tandem trailer size with adequate tow bar rating is advisable, commercial light to heavy truck is ideal.



  • Facts/ myth debunking: The US Oak Railway Ties are popular simply because of their size. Compared to Australian hardwood sleepers you get a lot more bang for your buck in the US Oak sleepers.

Many inquiries are received to inquire on using the Oak timber for machining or table tops or interior use. The US Oak is only suitable for outdoor landscape use. We supply many other sleepers that will work fantastically for machining or table tops or interior use. Talk to us now for more in depth information and a one on one talk with our knowledgeable sales team.