For New Zealanders it’s all about quality – what we use, and how we use it.

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New Australian A – Grade hardwood sleepers offer both a beautiful, long lasting natural finish; and are used and installed in an easy and rewarding way – a winning combination that really reinforces why these sleepers are so widely appreciated and utilized by so many people in so many ways.

Last minute design change or impulsive DIY creative visions are forever accommodated by the high work-ability of these sleepers. The clean and reliable continuity of the flat surfaces & faces prove to be the final polishing touch on all installations and surrounds. Square, plumb and faded to the light – driftwood like coloring of authentic railway sleepers these hardwoods earn their place in all jobs small & big.

Cutting & fixing hardwood railway sleepers does not have to be arduous, labour intensive work; a common misconception. The New Australian hardwood sleepers originally milled for the Australian rail network are of course made for a long life and are naturally durable; certainly created with purpose in mind. However basic fixing techniques such as pilot hole pre-drilling makes these sleepers the appropriate material for all skill levels and designs. A power saw and aesthetic inspiration is almost all one needs to see a project come to life. Appropriately weighted with perfectly balanced density, horizontal or vertical, once in place the New Australian sleepers will be sure to last the long term; the ideal complimentary natural product to all pre-existing materials.

The New Australian hardwood sleepers are often praised as the most cost-effective solution when shopping for hardwood sleepers. D.I.Y’ers and tradesman alike can easily identify the quality in the milling; the character of the timber, and of course the enduring strength and sturdiness that will be almost forever lasting. It really doesn’t take much to know just how good these sleepers are.

2.1 meter and 2.75 meter lengths offer high value and adaptability to design specifications and for those who like the flexibility on-site in deciding how and where to use the A – Grade New Australian hardwood sleepers.

An incredibly versatile, natural product widely celebrated as a trusted staple in New Zealand’s construction & landscape sites as a fantastic and easily accessible resource. Kiwis all over do celebrate this; in a matter of 3 – 5 easy to follow DIY steps, a simple concept can be constructed into an impressive (or subtle) grand design. Tables, floors, garden beds, chairs, steps and edging to name a few, are fast becoming the latest and hottest summer trends in both professional and home handy man projects all over the country.

Take control, don’t settle for generic products & materials in your personalized living space. Kiwis know what we want; and Interlink can show you how to achieve it. So, this Summer, make no excuse. Pen & paper, a few magical ideas, with the support from the team at Interlink and some good old fashioned – New Australian hardwood sleepers your custom installation can be achieved in moments to enjoy for a whole lifetime.

So don’t delay! Call the team and query them today!

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