European UK Oak Sleepers

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Is 2019 the year to define your living spaces? Create an environment that enhances both the landscape and how we experience it.

Robust, full bodied, strong, rich in character. This is how we choose to describe the magnificently prominent 3.4 Meter European Oak railway sleepers stocked by Interlink; appreciated in the same capacity as commodities like art, coffee and fine wine. Personalising an outdoor living space in either a subtle rustic setting or with prominent fixtures and installations both require sincere consideration when choosing the right natural products that will last a life time in quality and aesthetics. An easy decision with imported authentically used European Oak sleepers – especially the exceptional 3.4 Meter railway ties.

Originally sourced and milled for strength & versatility; now highly sought after owing to the beautiful natural grain, colouring, size and rarity. An obvious resource to trend for both architects and the general public; both looking for that special something in their surroundings.

Imported exclusively by Interlink, these European Oak lumbers are not a generic off – the – shelf landscape product – not to be found in stores. Post installation (pun intended), an exclusive and almost charismatic hardwood sleeper creates and defines an original setting and design that will not be found elsewhere.

Highly cherished as a living tree for its importance to biodiversity and celebrated as a lumbered hardwood for its aesthetic & constructive versatility, the European Oak will be a well-cared for species moving into the 21st century. Sustainable, reusable and beautiful; exactly what us Kiwis want from our landscape supplies and installations.

“As iconic as the Oak tree itself these railway ties will forever hold themselves amongst some of the best used railway sleepers available.”

First in, first served for those looking to attain their own truly multi-faceted recycled natural product imported for a second chance at life and a guaranteed satisfying installation.

To think that such a well-rounded sustainable product, once installed will be around for generations to come… is to think VALUE!

Summer is for living. This summer choose to be bold and define a landscape as your own with big oak sleepers for a lifetime of charm, charisma and warmth from an ecologically practical product that is unique as you.


Call us today to find out more about these unique hardwood sleepers!

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