Born in the USA, retired to a Kiwi backyard.

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USA American Oak railway sleepers

After a purpose filled life on the American rail network these genuine used Oak sleepers have found residency among civilized landscapes and natural designs nestled throughout New Zealand. Soon to be surrounded by flowers and shrubbery, the simple things in life such as a planter box would be the ideal way to ensure a natural product, designed for the long-term, is completely utilized and appreciated in this ecologically conscious climate.

It doesn’t take much, either horizontal or vertical, the American Oak sleepers imported exclusively by Interlink are rich and unique in character, exasperated by the versatility in 2.6 meter lengths.  Fulfilling the good ol’ Americana stereo type, these A-Grade American sleepers are simply robust, solid and made to last; do it once, do it right!

In place, these sleepers fit together harmoniously. Reliably weighted and of square, even form these used sleepers define value. Rustic, A Grade & highly durable directly contribute to the timeless and ecologically practical landscapes being created daily throughout New Zealand. Through common and simple building practices a quality installation is achieved every time. Completely ideal for prominent features, the USA Oak sleepers are capable of aesthetic statements and subtle, natural designs. The deep chocolate-nut brown runs consistently through the 2.6 meter lengths. Flat with a weathered surface from the past life rested on the railway railway and intermittent, genuine bolt holes from the rail ties will ensure a rustic aesthetic of authentic, high quality. 

Imported direct and delivered nation-wide. There is good reason why these sleepers make it so far and do so much. Enduring continuity and strength will place these sleepers amongst our country’s premier recycled natural products. From D.I.Y creative design to high-end commercial projects; a rewarding and long-lasting installation is guaranteed!

230mm wide by 175mm high dimensions provide excellent suitability when accommodating these sleepers into existing designs and environments, the long lengths reinforce the sincere value these sleepers emanate. The high practicality surrounding on-site cutting, fixing and handling combined with A – Grade features and characteristics prove this sleeper type to be wholly reliable and an inevitable staple in the New Zealand design, construction and landscape sector.

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